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The Development of Personality

The Professionall and Personal Growth

The conditions of our professional and personal life is changing all the time. If we can adapt we need to grow inwardly.




How do I coach?

The process of each sessions is borne by the three pivotal requisites:

  • The supportive relationship, which gives guidance and security.
  • The repertory of skills helping the client to find his own way.
  • The ethic principle. This means that the process of coaching tends only to wholesome consequences.

My favourite topic in psychology is the relationship between the mind and the body. Wisdom of the body and the growing of mindfulness are very helpful during the coaching.

I am also interested in process coaching as a process of creativity. We can use a lot of various psychological vehicles: bodywork, monodrama, imagination and work with the dreams etc. Using these methods is based on the clarity of the contracts between the coach and client. I support the transpersonal and spiritual tendency as well.

I have a great deal of experience in psychological work in many areas. As a psychotherapist I have worked with individuals, couples and groups. I have led training of psychotherapist in satitherapy (as a team leader). I have taught focusing and meditation of Mindfulness and Insight. I have taught medical students and physicians soft skills. I have couched people from area of health care and assisting professions (psychologists, physicians, social workers) and from an area of science (young scientist in their research) till this days.